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Regular & Knit Braiders

Braiding machines from Bhupendra & Brothers (Machinery) Pvt. Ltd. are designed to meet the quality requirements of braiding industry. 

Regular Braiding Machine

Regular type Braiding machines are with simple mechanism and with drop weight type spindles as shown in the picture.

We have developed this series in two type models
(1) Model A for round and 
(2) Model B for flat. 

Machines of Model A contains even nos. of spindles i.e. starts from 8 spindles to 144 spindles in addition of 4 spindles and Machines of Model B contains odd nos. of spindles i.e. starts from 5 spindles to 145 spindles in addition of 4 spindles. The bobbin size for this range machinery is 27mm. Dia. X 90mm. Length. Also we are making medium heavy type with bobbin size 37mm. Dia. X 130mm. length (Model A1 and B1).

Fast Knit Braiding Machine

Fast knit braiders are used for making cords which looks like braiding but it is knit braid i.e. knitting cum braiding. We have designed this range to produce cord upto 200 meters per hour depends upon picks of solid or multi color cord with or without filler. You can make laces for shoes, sneakers and boots. Drawstring for sports wear, tubular and flat fashion trimmings for ready made garments, Decorative cords etc.

These machines are available in 4, 6 and 8 needles in 12 gauge needles. The machines are noiseless and fed directly from cones so it does not requires any bobbin filling. Stop motion fitted for yarn breakage.


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