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High Speed Braiders

Braiding machines from Bhupendra & Brothers (Machinery) Pvt. Ltd. are designed to meet the quality requirements of braiding industry.

High Speed Braiding Machine
Our high speed machines are most suitable to braid good quality with high speed braiding machines.

In our recent type high speed machines shown in the photo, you can braid up to 600 picks per minute production i.e. almost 3 to 3.5 times more than conventional braiding machines. The quality made on this type of machines is far better than other machines.


We have developed from 5 Spindles to 200 spindles braiding machines in this series. You can use these machines in group drive or you can use in separate drive.


The main features of our high speed braiders are as under :

  1. Spring tension spindles instead of conventional drop weight. Nylon base for noiseless operation.

  2. Horngear 108 milling cut special alloy casting and high quality nylon molded for noiseless operation.

  3. Top plate : high quality alloy casting and precisely machined 8.0 mm thick.

  4. Frame : MS bar and special casted brace bar.

  5. In general all the brackets for moving shafting are supplied with gun metal bushing and in our special model with ball bearings.

  6. Bobbin size : 40 mm diameter, 110 mm length

  7. Horngear RPM : 180-225 depending upon the quality of the yarn.

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