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Braiding Technique

braids are textile compositions made with yarn thread crossing in diagonal direction. Each thread intertwines the diagonal threads it crosses one from above and one from below. Braiding machines are used for such constructions. Strength of braids and time of braiding shows the quality of the braiding machines.

Primarily there are two kinds of braids :

Round braids

Round braids have a round or oval cross section. The products made are cords (technique), laces (for clothes), cables (electro technique) or ropes (heavy braids).

Flat braids

Flat braids are called laces or just flat braids.

Braids have special characteristic features. Standard braids have only a low lateral stability. Due to this property they can be sawn to other textiles without problems. On the other hand they can be made rigid and stiff with inserts and aftertreatments.

The load-bearing capacity of braided products is much more higher as of products made with other techniques.

Because of the special properties, braids can be found (often hidden) in many different applications. Some examples: Clothes and shoes, candle wicks, sash cords, water ski ropes, mountaineering ropes, yachting ropes, parachute lines, fishing nets, mooring lines, medical applications such as catheters or dental floss, overbraided high-pressure tubes, ground cables or harnesses.


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